Mark Smith's revolution libraries


A library that generates UUIDs of type 1 (time based), type 3 (name-based) and type 4 (random-based). Version 1.0


Two handlers 'thePackages()' and 'isPackage()" for working with package folders in OS X.


A library for reading and writing ID3 tags.


A library that provides sha-1/224/256 hash functions and related hmac functions. This replaces the HMAC-SHA1 library.


A library for binary conversions that is a wrapper around binaryEncode/Decode. Version 1.1


A Revolution implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm.


A library for working with the amazon s3 simple storage service. Version 1.0.2


A little stack that gets the country from an ip address.


A library that wraps the curl command line tool. V1.0b (requires Revolution 2.9 or greater)


A library that converts back and forth between revolution arrays and json objects. V1.0.2b (requires Revolution 3)


Reads the headers of wav, aiff, aifc, sd2 and au files and returns an array with info about samplerate, samplesize, etc.


Uses the FreeDB api to get the track names for CDs - Mac OS X and Windows only for now...v1.0.1b


A collection of libraries for working with Amazon Web Services.

There are libraries for s3, sdb, sqs, ec2 and rds(only just started).


In the zip archive there is some very basic and incomplete documentation stacks.

These libraries are in varying states of completion, s3 and sdb being the most developed (and in daily use by me).


If you're interested in working with AWS and these libraries, I strongly recommend that you get familiar with the docs that Amazon provide.